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National BADD will be promoting the 2005 National Safe Boating Week, which was held from May 21st-27th. During the 2005 boating season we will continue to emphasize that a life jacket (PFD) should always be worn by all boaters. The message this year is "Boat Safe. Boat Smart. Wear it!"....National BADD's "Websites of the Week" is a great feature and nautical resource tool for the boating community. Be sure to visit the sites which will make your boating experience more enjoyable....NOAA Weather can now also be found on our Boating Interests page....For 2005, Let's all work at being a safe, sober and responsible boater and further reduce the number of injuries and fatalities to another all time record low....The United States Coast Guard reported 703 fatalities in 2003.....Remember, be a courteous and responsible boater and "Boat Smart. Boat Safe. Wear It!"  


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Website of the Week-    Michigan State Police-Missing Persons Bulletin

News Update-                          Battle Creek, Michigan   "Where is Mary?                       "It has been over fifteen months since Mary Lands disappeared"

Help the police make an arrest!  On Friday, March 12, 2004 at approximately 10:30 P.M., Mary Denise (Marshall) Lands, DOB: 09/03/64 disappeared from her home, under unusual circumstances from nearby Marshall, Michigan. We believe that you can help in this mystery. If you have any information please contact Sgt. Scott McDonald of the Marshall Police Department- 269.781.2596 or the Michigan State Police, Battle Creek Post- 269.968.6115. This is not a typical feature related to safe boating, but is being published on our national web site to further promote public awareness on Mary's disappearance. In September 2004, six months after she was listed as missing, her status was changed to a "victim of foul play." The Lands tragedy has devastated families and friends, and impacted our community. It is hoped that in 2005 new leads will be developed that will enable law enforcement to solve this case. National BADD will maintain updates on the case and will not remove this story feature until the whereabouts of Mary Denise Lands is known. Someone out there knows what happened. Please make the call!  Marshall Chronicle story- March 7, 2005


Congratulations to Nancy Grace and the entire CourtTV team for their splendid coverage of the two former Air West pilots in Miami who were convicted of operating an aircraft while intoxicated. The two men were found guilty on June 8, 2005 after six hours of deliberation in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. They were immediately taken into custody pending court sentencing by the Honorable David Young on July 20. These pilots placed over one hundred passengers at risk and only because of the diligence and professionalism of the Miami-Dade Police Department a major tragedy was averted. The convicted pilots could be sentenced to five years in prison when they again appear in court, and it is hoped this maximum penalty under the law will be imposed.  

           CourtTV- Pilots found Guilty of Operating an Aircraft While Intoxicated

The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators publish an outstanding magazine called "Small Craft Advisory." The current edition, March/April 2005 features an article on boating safety and the topic of boating under the influence written by Jim Carlin of BADD. View  their site and resources at  National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

People Magazine featured a story about the intoxicated boater, boating safety, and BADD. It was a well written article about safe, sober and responsible boating in our country and the problems caused by drunk boating (BUI/OUI). Be sure to read the story which can be viewed at the People Magazine archive website-

We are a national safety organization dedicated to public awareness for safe, sober and responsible boating throughout the United States and Canada. BADD is not against drinking and alcohol consumption. BADD is against drinking and operating a water-craft. We advocate the completion of boating safety courses, filing a float plan, and the wearing of a life jacket (PFD) while on the waterway. BADD also emphasizes another very important theme in safe boating, "Weather, or Not to Boat." Everyone on the water must recognize that conditions and weather can change quickly and create dangerous conditions. The responsible boater must be aware of the limitation of their craft and ability. It is far better to cut short a day on the water than to risk injury and death by taking a chance. Remember, by not practicing "Weather, or Not to Boat" you are placing others in jeopardy especially members of the U.S. Coast Guard who will be risking their lives to assist you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many friends who have supported National BADD over the years. If it were not for the generosity our sponsors have provided we would not be able to advocate our positions on safe boating. We especially appreciate the long term commitment from Anheuser-Busch, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), Oakley, Sebago, Stearns, Valvoline, and Waterway Guide. Bombardier, Sea-Doo joined us in 2002 and have provided our last three watercrafts. This year we will utilize a 2005 Bombardier- Sea-Doo, Sportster 4-Tec for our 2005 "Responsibility Matters" boating safety tour. We are very grateful to the management in all these corporations who support our mutual interests in safe, sober and responsible boating.

Because of the many tropical storms and hurricanes last year that battered Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the East coast we were not able to complete our 2004 cross country boating safety tour event aboard the "Spirit of Battle Creek-USA". As we have said many times, "Weather, or Not to Boat" must always be a factor for any prudent boater. Please continue to review our links for the schedule and itinerary of our 2005 tour and as you enjoy this season on America's waterways, remember to be a safe, sober and responsible boater.   2004 BADD Boating SafetyTour- Itinerary  

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                    Captain Molli aboard the "Spirit of Battle Creek-USA"                              say's, "Your life jacket won't work, without you in it."

The event aboard the "Spirit of Battle Creek-USA" was designed to promote public awareness for safe, sober and responsible boating. By practicing safe boating we can reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur each year. The U. S. Coast Guard reported 703 fatalities in 2003 and 750 in 2002. Statistics are pending for 2004. Boating safety statistics have greatly improved so lets get together and prepare to make 2005 the safest year on record. The 7th Coast Guard District in Miami recently published a statement about volunteer service to our country and joining the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. The 38,000 men and women who volunteer their time with the Coast Guard Auxiliary do so because they want to make a difference. They want to make a difference in their neighborhood and region. They care, and what's more important is that they have made and continue to make a difference. Safe boating is everyone's business. "Boat Smart. Boat Safe. Wear It!"

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Do your part in 2005 to promote responsible boating throughout North America.  Take a boating safety course and remember to always wear your life jacket (PFD).  Enjoy boating. You're in Command, Be Responsible, Boat Safely!                             

If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on boating safety or our sites, feel free to contact us with your input.

Remember;    "Boat Smart. Boat Safe. Wear It!"

Jim Carlin, President and Founder, National BADD ®

Telephone:   269.963.7068   (Voice & Fax)

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